A Sobering Announcement

Hi BLC (Beloved Slurpy Community),

It’s been a while since my last post, for no real reason apart from I got distracted by some dramatic events in my personal life, namely testing positive for the dreaded COVID-19 (I never got symptoms and am fine) and getting married on the dreaded Zoom platform, lol.

The former required me to quarantine for ten days, with Sam and I sequestered in separate rooms for half of that time having sad little distanced dinners on opposite ends of the stairs. I used quarantine to lean into my new trad wife identity, cleaning multiple pairs of sneakers with a toothbrush, going turbo on our apartment by hanging pictures up with nails instead of tepidly leaning them against walls, and attempting to hock a bunch of clothes on Depop which have thus far NOT been a hit with the teens. But all that is of little interest to you, dear Slurp. 

More importantly, I did some soul searching pertaining to the future of my Substack journey and in a chaotic flourish have decided to launch a second newsletter called High Society in the new year. Here’s my “elevator pitch”, as we in the biz call it.

What is High Society?

High Society is a newsletter about drugs and culture by me, Tara Kenny. 

I’ll explore how drugs are represented in pop culture, literature, film, TV and the media and how that affects society’s understanding of and relationship to substances. I’ll also interview people whose lives and careers intersect with drugs in interesting ways such as drug journalists, luxury bong makers, psychedelic therapists and more.

The tides of drug legalization and public perception of drugs are turning in the United States and around the world and there is much to discuss. However, I’ve noticed that much of the discourse around drugs tends to skew heavily towards examining science or commerce, or gonzo journalism “I went to Tijuana and railed all the coke” energy. I want to provide content for people who are curious about (but have not necessarily zealously bought in to) the drug revolution and how it intersects with other aspects of modern life. 

I’ll be asking questions like:

  • Is it abusive or helpful to show sobriety journeys on reality television?

  • What is the “psychedelic aesthetic” and how does it affect public perception of these substances?

  • How did alcohol, caffeine and tobacco get away with being the only legal recreational drugs for so long?

  • Is Charlie Sheen still “bi-winning”?

While I’m not sure if it’s totally above board, I plan to manually sign all Slurp subscribers up to High Society. Corporations do this all the time and we all know that corporations are people and people are corporations, or something. So, don’t worry your pretty little head about how you’ll find out when it drops. If you’re a Slurp subscriber for the deranged Paris Hilton and Rose Porteous content, don’t worry, I’ll try to work the substance use of as many iconic princesses as possible into this new project! Also, I’m going to keep Slurp It Up alive as part of the rich tapestry that is my internet persona and anticipate occasionally posting when I feel called.

To all who have subscribed, shared or sent me words of encouragement on the Slurp it Up journey, thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. To all my haters, I love you too! Have a fun, weird, restful, energizing and most of all slurpy holiday season. I hope you enter the new year feeling reborn, maybe as a roach…

I’ll see you in your inbox on the flip side!